HIPAA Security
Risk Analysis

HIPAA compliance for FQHCs- Every FQHC requires a HIPAA risk analysis. Federal and state funding for FQHCs are significantly increasing as they continue to open their doors to those who are in need of care. HIPAA watchdog has effective solutions in an easy to use format. We help you assess and address potential risks associated with the integrity, availability and confidentiality of electronic patient health information.

The HIPAA Watchdog Difference

Easy to use

  1. Self-explanatory & DIY features.
  2. Quick and thorough HIPAA analysis.

Quality assurance

  1. Making sure your FQHC is HIPAA compliant.
  2. Cost-effective and comprehenssive HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.

One stop shop

  1. Develop, store and share policies and procedures.
  2. HRSA credentialing and lots more.

Please schedule a HIPAA Watchdog meeting to meet your HIPAA compliance need!

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